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Merlin Guides: A Low Effort & Big ROI Solution for Software Adoption in the Workplace

Think about a typical system update - a big one. An update with a lot of new screens, several new processes, and several areas where human error can really creep in. How would you prepare your front-line associates? With videos and powerpoints? Face-to-face training in groups? Where would you store the information for those employees that happen to be on vacation or medical leave so they can pick it right up when they return? How much productivity might be lost? How many errors could impact your business? How long would it all take? Scared yet?

Let's try it another way.

With Merlin Guides, an expert goes through and performs each of the new processes, automatically creating a wizard for each one, adding notes where appropriate, adding links to other resources where they're helpful, and even creating a message that lets users know big changes are now in effect. All of this is done in not much more time than it takes to perform the processes themselves, and certainly in far less time than it would take to create video or powerpoint "training" on the changes.

When the wizards go live, users log in to Merlin Guides and happily realize their wizards are already updated. It's a little slow at first, as they read the notes, click the resource links and process what they're seeing, but very quickly, guided by the wizards, they're moving through tasks efficiently and error-free. Worried about that one new process that they won't do very often? When that comes up a month later, they click on their wizard and move through it effortlessly too.

Meanwhile, a local manager pulls up a report and sees that, so far, 90% of his staff has completed all of the New Process Notification guides. He checks in on the remaining 10%, answers a few questions, and by the end of the day, his team is at 100%. His regional manager also looks at up-to-date reports, but she looks at the trends across her organization - where are the issues? She works with her wizard-creating expert to refine the guides, and, one day later, the updated guides have smoothed over any rough patches. A month later, an employee returns from medical leave, and is up-to-speed on the new releases without any active intervention - he just logs in and uses the wizards, and refers to the FAQs to answer a question that a lot of other users had during launch.

Sound good? It's not by mistake that our product is called Merlin Guides. The first time you go through any system update, but especially the first time you go through a major release, it will feel like a magician suddenly took all those old pain points away from your last major release.

Here's why:

  • Most content takes only minutes to create and requires no special skills or knowledge.
  • As soon as a Guide is done, it can go live and start helping your users - no lag time while you wait for content to reach your training system.
  • Anytime an update is needed, it goes live as soon as it's done.
  • Everyone gets a simple interface, from those who create guides, to users, to those reviewing the reporting. It's all magically simple.
  • Most importantly, all of your training is happening right in your production system, right when and where users most need guidance, all without the need to write one line of code.
  • What does this level of magic cost? Our most popular plan license is $10/user. So, get in there, try it out, see the results for yourself. When you start feeling the magic, we'll be here, ready to help you architect a complete solution for your business.

Here's a video that showcases how Merlin could help you lead your team to success: